why I live in Seattle

I can tell you, it was glorious. Rain unending for days in a row and deep indigo skies…

“According to the climate blog of University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Professor Cliff Mass, Dec. 20, 2019 was the darkest day ever recorded in the 20 years since the school has been recorded solar radiation on the roof one of the atmospheric sciences building.

Mass said they measured just .37 million Joules of solar radiation over a square meter surface on Dec. 20. The previous record low was .39 million Joules in December of 2006. For comparison, the university recorded 27 million Joules in July.

“Everything had to be perfect to achieve this depressing record,” Mass explains in the blog. Not only are the days incredibly short because of the almost-solstice, but there have been intense storms around Seattle for days.” more HERE