SATARAY: The Lake – song premiere at New Noise Magazine

Sataray - photo by Anima Nocturna - 2021

THE LAKE – Song Premiere today at new Noise Magazine


One-woman dark ambient project Sataray has been composing, performing, and recording her own music entirely, focusing intently on a specific sound. Sataray will release her Blood Trine Moon EP on February 11 through Scry Recordings.

Listen to “The Lake” below:

In her live show, Sataray displays create a ritualistic space and atmosphere, often including performance art elements such as butoh dance and other movement inspiration.

Blood Trine Moon follows on from Sataray’s first solo full-length album, 2019’s Nocturnum, the 2020 single “Saturn,” and her recent Argyropoeia split EP with Zania Morgan. The EP was recorded and mixed by Sataray, mastered by Casey Chittenden Jones (Noisepoetnobody), and once again features artwork by Anima Nocturna.

Metaphorically titled for the creative process, that of bleeding and reflecting, Blood Trine Moon is a vessel of contained rituals, exploring varied states of consciousness within occult explorations of the natural world. The EP intones rich, dark, ambient textures and further explorations into various vocal caverns. Elements of dungeon synth and harsh industrial genres blend seamlessly into this complex four-track EP.

On the release of “The Lake,” Sataray states:

“This track explores the desire to soothe the ferocity of one’s inner landscape through the energy of a deep, dark body of water.”

Pre-order Blood Trine Moon here.

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