SATARAY: BrooklynVegan Premieres “The Flood” From Haunting Dark Ambient Project; Argyropoeia Split EP With ZANIA MORGAN Nears Release

Argyropoeia is the impending new split EP from SATARAY and ZANIA MORGAN. Set for release later this month via Scry Recordings, the unsettling, five-track offering is a ritual purging for nocturnal metamorphosis… their voices heralding a birthing of new form in unearthly flight.

The EP is eloquently rooted in an esoteric entanglement of two women, deeply embroiled in their life’s work through audio frequencies. Many years ago, these two women crossed paths by means of a select few whom had leanings similar in design to their own. The particular artistry and path working with Anima Nocturna was most certainly at the core of that newly found unity. From the point of that meeting on, the slow weaving of a surreal conjunction took place. This is their gift to each other and to you.

In advance of the EP’s official unveiling, today SATARAY releases “The Food,” now playing at BrooklynVegan. Notes SATARAY, “This song explores the brimming edge of inner chaos and madness, while sharpening the blade of one’s personal power.”

Stream SATARAY’s “The Flood” at BrooklynVegan HERE.

Mastered by Casey Chittenden Jones (noisepoetnobody), Argyropoeia features cover art by Anima Nocturna in collaboration with Cypher Sothis, and will be released digitally on January 29th, 2021.For preorders, visit the SATARAY Bandcamp page HERE, where previously released track “Rain” can be streamed or the ZANIA MORGAN Bandcamp page HERE, where previously release track, “Nyx Ambrosia” can be streamed.

Argyropoeia Track Listing:
1. Saturn
2. Rain
3. The Flood
4. Crepulsculum
5. Nyx Ambrosia

SATARAY is a one-woman ambient creation. It is ceremonial in nature, using incantations, whispers, and death vocals as the blade along with layers of synth and other electronic elements, creating a raw dark terrain. She performs live rituals with her music, often in accordance with artists such as Anima Nocturna and various Butoh dancers. In the Spring of 2019, she released her first solo full-length, Nocturnum, via Scry Recordings.

ZANIA MORGAN is the solo project of Zaskia S. Morgan (also a member of Ehecatl, Madison Mandrake, and Aixela). For the last thirteen years, ZANIA MORGAN has been performing live music for ritual events/gatherings along the West Coast, immersing her audience in an evocative pulse of dark “ritualwave” and birthing from its depth an ecstatic formula of gnosis in sound. In the Autumn of 2017, French label, Falco Invernale Records (F.I.R.), released her first physical recording on vinyl entitled Shapeshifter.