NOISEPOETNOBODY: Experimental Sound Alchemist To Release Insanity Mirror Full-Length Via Scry Recordings April 2nd; New Track Streaming + Preorders Available

Noisepoetnobody 2021

Noisepoetnobody 2021

Experimental sound alchemist NOISEPOETNOBODY, a project led by one Casey Chittenden Jones, will release his Insanity Mirror full-length via Scry Recordings April 2nd.

For well over fifteen years, Casey Chittenden Jones has been soundtracking the collapse of civilization under the moniker NOISEPOETNOBODY utilizing homemade instruments, synthesizers, field recordings, tape manipulation, and modular equipment to create haunting, discordant, and broken sounds to express the need for creativity in a dying ecosystem.

Most commonly associated with the experimental, minimalism, noise, industrial, and drone genres, his solo work and collaborations have been released by Scry Recordings (Drone Box, Drone Relief, Concrete Vitalist), Lens Records, and Public Eyesore, among others. NOISEPOETNOBODY has participated in numerous festivals and series including NorCal Noise Fest, Eugene Noise Fest, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, and Modular On The Spot. Jones also originated the Driftwood Orchestra, Seattle Dismal Fest, and currently joins Peter Keller in the duo Dosenöffner.

Notes Jones of his latest output, “Insanity Mirror is the result of a process that self-imposes limitations in order to create a reproducible form of sound collage, an exercise that was repeated multiple times over the course of several months. Each session begins with a single audio cassette – a copy of Fissure from Public Eyesore Records in San Francisco (2016) featuring the percussion work of Eveline Müller and homemade instrumentation from NOISEPOETNOBODY. The cassette is placed into a player that does not have a motor – all audio tape performance is done via manual wheel controller. Improvisations of cassette playback along with analog and digital audio manipulations create the foundation of sounds needed. That foundation track is then copied and reversed and then placed on top of itself like a mirror audio image. Edits from these recording sessions are then polished to create the finished examples of Insanity Mirror.”

In advance of the record’s release, Jones today unveils “Can’t See It Now,” describing it as, “abstract conversations about manipulations of perception and multi-directional audio reproduction.”

Stream NOISEPOETNOBODY’s “Can’t See It Now” HERE.

Insanity Mirror will be released digitally via Scry Recordings. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Insanity Mirror Track Listing:
1. Can’t See It Now
2. Blind Light Box
3. Look At This View
4. Your Other Image
5. Ugly Bent Reflection
6. Zero Focus Angle

Previously (and hopefully again soon), NOISEPOETNOBODY has spent much time performing in underground venues, bars, art galleries, abandon buildings, and illegal DIY spaces and forever seeking to promote mental deprogramming through anti-commercial sonic immersion, each NOISEPOETNOBODY set is a one-of-a-kind exchange of energy employing analog electronics and improvised inspirations via speaker cones. Jones has collaborated frequently with Butoh dance artists and released a 12” (The River) with choreography instructions composed by Vanessa Skantze. During the pandemic year, he has spent much time creating new work and expanding his techniques for production.

In related news, NOISEPOETNOBODY has composed soundtracks for three special Butoh dance videos by Briana Chittenden Jones featuring three different performers. Butoh is a form of Japanese dance theater that encompasses a diverse range of activities, techniques, and motivations for dance, performance, or movement. Briana Jones has been photographing the Seattle Butoh community for more than a decade. In light of a rapidly changing world, where live performances have come to a temporary standstill, Jones has turned toward video to capture the haunting beauty of Butoh while incorporating an intentional custom soundscape created by NOISEPOETNOBODY. View the first of the trio of videos HERE.