NOISEPOETNOBODY: Experimental Noise Artist To Release This City Full-Length Via Scry Recordings; New Track Streaming + Preorders Available

Experimental sound alchemist NOISEPOETNOBODY, led by one Casey Jones, will release his latest full-length, This City, via Scry Recordings on August 3rd.

NOISEPOETNOBODY has spent much time performing in underground venues, bars, art galleries, abandoned buildings, and illegal DIY spaces forever seeking to promote mental deprogramming through anti-commercial sonic immersion. Each NOISEPOETNOBODY set is a one-of-a-kind exchange of energy employing analog electronics and improvised inspirations via speaker cones.

Issues Jones of This City, “This new collection is inspired by the pressures of modern urban survival and absurdist philosophy. In This City, arguably the worst hit song of the ‘80s melts like a popsicle on the summer sidewalk into a pool of psychedelic bubbling liquid…remnants of previous live performances are mashed into a churning machine that holds no regret. Stark hardware beats give context for interruptions of past experience. The search for order brings the individual into conflict with the universe.”

This City will be released digitally. For preorders and to stream first single, “Parking Garage,” visit the Scry Recordings Bandcamp page HERE.

This City Track Listing:

  1. This City
  2. Crush A Can
  3. Parking Garage
  4. Gears of Decay
  5. Thought Traps
  6. Thought Fragments

Most commonly associated with the genres experimental, minimalism, noise, industrial, and drone, Casey Jones’ solo works and collaborations have been released by Scry Recordings, Lens Records, and Public Eyesore, among others. NOISEPOETNOBODY has participated in numerous festivals and series including NorCal Noise Fest, Eugene Noise Fest, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Litha Cascadia, and is a regular artist at Modular On The Spot & Modular Nights Seattle. Jones also originated the Driftwood Orchestra, Seattle Dismal Fest, Pillow Full Of Drone, and currently joins Peter Keller in the duo Dosenöffner. Additionally, Jones also produced and performed in the three-album Epos Nemo Latrocinium series with Tatsuya Nakatani, Tom Swafford, Dean Moore, and Joy Von Spain.