ENTRAIL: Cascadian Experimental Drone Project To Release Eater Of Starlight / New Track Streaming + Live Dates Draw Near

Entrail Eater of Starlight

Cascadian experimental drone project ENTRAIL will release Eater Of Starlight via Scry Recordings 9/4 (digital) & 10/1 (cassette).

ENTRAIL emerges from the gloom-shrouded Pacific Northwest with vocal drone and ethereal soundscapes that haunt and challenge. Combining violin, voice, bass and synth, ENTRAIL’s sound is as broad as its musical history. playing in crust bands, booking DIY spaces, and attending music school for violin and composition, ENTRAIL graduated to this moody, dynamic solo project of present. Over the last five years, ENTRAIL has shared stages with the likes of Neurosis’ Scott Kelly, The Body, Dispririt, Yob’s Mike Scheidt, and Aerial Ruin.

Eater Of Starlight broods, simmers, and explodes in short bursts of emotive vocals (“Rain”) and brash, inventive strings (“Craving”) punctuated with throbbing synthesizers. Dwelling in spiritual residence with Slint, Jarboe, and Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, on this third release, ENTRAIL feels like an outpouring of the artist’s soul for listener resonance.

Notes ENTRAIL, “This album for me was a falling-upward into an offworld headspace. I felt ungrounded and found myself conveying the terror of that journey. My intention, when I started writing this music, was to offer some kind of healing after my last album, which was focused on themes of impending ecological collapse. What came out though was more catharsis, more darkness. I cannot offer resolved healing through this music because I am not there yet myself — I still have to work with these demonic sensations; I still have to find my way back to Earth after dissociating from it so hard.”

Eater Of Starlight was captured b by Ethan Camp and mastered by M.S. Waldron with art by ENTRAIL and Adam St. John. The record will be released digitally via Scry Recordings September 4th with a limited cassette edition to follow.

For preorders and to stream first single, “The Cup,” go to THIS LOCATION.

Eater Of Starlight Track Listing:
1. Dark Moon
2. Cathartidae
3. Rain
4. The Cup
5. Craving
6. Dust Of Dreamers