To End It All

In November of 2016, long-time collaborators noise artist Masaaki Masao and vocalist Joy Von Spain began to create new work as TO END IT ALL. Forging songs from rhythmic harsh noise, avant-garde samples, and voice, the duo explore themes of emotion and destruction.

“To End It All’s Scourge of Woman full-length sounds like what would happen if drone/doom purveyors Khanate were forced into a blender with noisemakers Pharmakon and Lingua Ignota and forced to conduct devilish rituals. Vocalist Joy Von Spain and noise architect Masaaki Masao subscribe to the belief that less is more, letting rumbling power electronics and droning noise merge with Von Spain’s operatic clean singing and possessed shrieks.” – DECIBEL MAGAZINE 2018

Scourge of Woman is a challenging beast. It’s one of the most discomforting listening experiences I’ve ever had, on par with or exceeding much of Portal or Dodecahedron’s work; this makes it difficult to actually recommend, but it absolutely achieves its apparent goals without digression or distraction…” – ANGRY METAL GUY 2018

To End It All’s spirit tree: The Boswellia. Deep in the heart of a dry place exists a certain tree. Branches of odd beauty grow out from something ominous and overshadowing. At the base of this organic structure the ritualistic denouncing of vile forms can be heard, marking a descent into the scornful damning of plagued souls.

These words loom heavy above the troubled rumble of claustrophobic power electronics dirges which are the blackened roots of this hardened mass. Recalls Plague Mass-era Diamanda Galas by way of industrial doom as if a conduit for agony and disgust. The wretched are cursed and spat upon. The end result is something assaulting and confrontational punctuated by moments of lulling sonic solitude.

This is the music of troubled land; a desolate soundscape where damned souls are banished.



out now: SCOURGE OF WOMAN LP on black vinyl

Formed in the autumn of 2016, long-time collaborators noise artist Masaaki Masao and vocalist & instrumentalist Joy Von Spain began to create new work as TO END IT ALL.

The 2018 full-length Scourge of Woman was released on LP through Scry Recordings. The album’s death industrial, dark ambient and noise structures call upon Pig Heart Transplant, Sutekh Hexen, Onielar, Diamanda Galas… The release features photography by the ritual artist Anima Nocturna (Carlos Melgoza) in collaboration with Joy Von Spain.

While both are members of Seattle’s avant-garde ensemble the Caligula Cartel, they are also active as founding members of EYE OF NIX. In 2019, TO END IT ALL has appeared at Covenant Fest V (Canada) and Litha Cascadia (US) and look forward to several more live actions this year. They have shared the stage with diverse acts like Pedestrian Deposit, Echo Beds, Hail, Father Murphy, Fauna, JWW, Xiphoid Dementia, Vouna, Murderous Vision, Compactor & more.

In 2018 Brooklyn Vegan premiered the video for “Beast Filth” created by Osteo Parliament which includes footage of the butoh artist Vanessa Skantze

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Background Image: Ambrosia Bardos