SATARAY composes, performs and records her own music in the Pacific Northwest. Her performances create a ritual space and intense atmosphere, often including elements of butoh or other visual inspiration. An active live artist, she is also a keyboardist/vocalist in Olympia-based Cascadian Doom metal band Vouna.

Blood Trine Moon


Blood Trine Moon

By Sataray
Release date: 2022-02-11

SATARAY has been active since 2006 through many different incarnations, including live performances and recording collaborations with Seattle experimental musician celadon. Over the last few years SATARAY has been composing, performing and recording her own music entirely, focusing intently on a specific sound. Her live displays create a ritualistic space and atmosphere, often including performance art elements such as butoh dance and other movement inspiration. She has participated in the Cascadian Yule gathering, and appeared at the Esoteric Book Conference, Passiontide, ShadowDance and more, bringing her live immersive experience to Berlin, Colombia, the US West Coast and the Pacific Northwest. In 2021, she joined Olympia-based Cascadian doom band Vouna as a keyboardist/vocalist. Other recent Sataray releases from Scry Recordings include Argyropoeia (2021 split w/ Zania Morgan), the single “Saturn” (2020), & Nocturnum (2019), her first solo full-length album.

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