Caligula Cartel

The CALIGULA CARTEL creates chaotic performances through the combination of limited aleatorism with complete improvisation, and by destroying implied barriers. These actions may be witnessed at numerous venues and spaces in Seattle.




Deconstruction of the program

Formed in 2008 by Sioux City Pete, Amanda Prince, Benj Cameron, Alex Crockett, and John Humphrey, CALIGULA CARTEL combines avant-garde improvisation, percussion, Butoh performance, power electronics, spoken words, voices, and instruments with theatrical presentation of bloody endeavors, sexuality, political themes, violence, self-harm, “high-brow” art, and non-art.

Sioux City Pete, Amanda Prince, Benj Cameron, Vanessa Skantze, Joy Von Spain, Masaaki Masao with:

Satellite members & past collaborators include Lee Cizek, Anne K. O’Neill, Prisonfood, Violet Pearson-Wallace, Mia Perez, Andrew Buchanan-Carter, Count Constantin, Corrie Bell, Casey Chittenden-Jones, Nym Penga, Pete Jay, Ana Baez, Alex Riding, Anthony Gaviria, Maxwell Bauerly, Kook Teflon, Evan Martinez, Spark.
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Background image by Keith Johnson