Anima Nocturna - Sanctuary for the sacralized experience of multi media artist Carlos Melgoza.

Art as a ritualized digestive process of experience; whether Philosophical, Intellectual or Esoteric.

Photography, the medium most often used to describe “reality,” appropriated to reify magico-mystic experience.

Evidence as praise to the Absolute.

Anima Nocturna is the vehicle for photographer and multi-media artist Carlos Melgoza.

Within the arena of activity of Anima is the imaging of  psycho-magical nexa known to us as deities and other manifestations of abstract energy entities.

Other main intent of Anima’s work is to create images that evoke in the viewer the sensations of ritual and ceremony; to transport the viewer right into the center of the circle of Arte after the rending of the veil.

Yet, a third goal is to document any pertinent material relating to individuals and groups working in various esoteric orders and small working groups, and any objects and activities as may be permitted within the sign of silence to be photographed as working records of methodologies and relationships inside specific magical groups.

I welcome you to reach out for collaboration and assignments where the utmost respect and discretion is necessitated.

Some past and current clients and collaborators include:

Ouroboros Press

Three Hands Press

Xoanon Publishing

Starfire Publishing

Mortlake & Company

-Esoteric Book Conference

Scry Recordings (Eye of Nix, To End It AllMasaaki Masao, Sataray)

Svart Records

Prophecy Records (Eye of Nix)

-Amodali Zain

Anima Nocturna is also open to illustrative assignments that delve into the realms of mystery and occult lore.

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