pursuing death industrial, avant-garde, metal, dark folk, ambient/drone, and harsh noise, photography, butoh, ritual expressionism…


SCRY01: To End It All – TO END IT ALL (cassette)

SCRY02: Masaaki Masao – BLOOD VIRUS / ATHEOS (cassette, digital)

SCRY03: Eye of Nix – BLACK SOMNIA (LP, digital)

SCRY04: To End It All – LURE (cassette)

SCRY05: Caligula Cartel: ALEPPO (digital)

SCRY06: Epos Nemo Latrocinium – ITER ITINERIS III (CD, digital)

SCRY07: Noisepoetnobody – DRONE BOX (digital)

SCRY08: Scarcity – VERMIFORM (cassette, digital)

SCRY09: To End It All – SCOURGE OF WOMAN (LP, digital)

SCRY10: Xiphoid Dementia / Bastard Noise – HUMAN EXTINCTION ENGINE (LP, digital)

SCRY11: Sataray – NOCTURNUM (cassette, digital)

SCRY12: Geist & the Sacred Ensemble – DIG IN SESSIONS: III (cassette, digital)

SCRY13: Entrail – EATER OF STARLIGHT (cassette, digital)

SCRY14: Noisepoetnobody – CONCRETE VITALIST (cassette, digital)

SCRY15: Geist & the Sacred Ensemble – WANING HYMNS (LP, digital)

SCRY16: Pathogens – SOILED COGS FOREVER GRINDING (cassette, digital)

SCRY17: Vanessa Skantze, Anima Nocturna, & Various Artists: WRITHING TREASURE FEAST) 2-CD with 72-pg artbook of photograpy & original text

SCRY18: Sataray: SATURN (digital single)